Please join me in welcoming February's Athlete of the Month, Tasi Handelsman!

Occupation.. Massage Therapist

How Long Have I been Doing Crossfit? I have no idea! A long time. Mike and Jenn would have to go back in their records to see when I started. All I know is that it was at the first place in Verona and that Fight Gone Bad was my first WOD! AND...I came back.

My Favorite WOD. Hmm...Anything that requires double unders and rope climbs and running. I do like Murph in a sick sort of way.

What Have I Gotten From Crossfit? Thats a tough question to answer. Physically I feel like I (clearly) have become healthier from an overall body standpoint. I've always worked out, whether it was at a traditional gym or running or swimming. Crossfit is great because it combines everything from the short cardio bursts to the long endurance body weight WODs to the weight training. So everything becomes stronger. Psychologically Crossfit has also made me healthier. When your kids are young, your community is ofter centered around them, their friends, the parents of their friends, etc. When everyone is gone and you become an empty nester...those things change. Crossfit has been that community for me. People have come and gone, but there is always a new friend to make and new people to encourage you and for you to encourage back. I love the feeling of getting that PR and I equally love seeing other people achieve new levels for themselves. Crossfit has taught me that there is NEVER an excuse to not exercise. I've seen Tara do rope climbs and HSPUs 8 months pregnant...I've seen people come in a few days post-op working out in any way they can just so they can do something, I've seen people come in sad for various reasons, and still find the strength to be there. I've seen the crazy discipline Rachael had before her competitions. The 5:30am class is there always ready to get their workout in before life takes hold for the day. Byron comes in with 2 hours of sleep after a long night of work. In other words...Crossfit is a community...a strong no bullshit community of amazing people who have taught me that there are no excuses.





B. 3 rounds

15 C2B Pull-ups

12 Push-ups

9 OHS (155/105)