Good Morning CrossFit Pittsburgh! I wanted to let everyone know about a couple changes coming up at the Box.  We are sure that you will all be as excited about them as we are.


  1. We will be increasing the cost of membership by $5.00/month.  This is something that we have NEVER done before.  When you consider the improvements that we've made since January and when you see what's in store over the weeks to come you will be pleased.
  2. You will notice the addition of Automated sweepers in the Box.  Starting this weekend we will be running a bObsweep system after hours.  This auto-vacuum will be the first of many to keep the Box as clean as possible.  Please feel free to introduce yourself and say hi to "Bob #1" when you see him.
  3. Athlete Check-in.  We will be implementing a very simple and user friendly Check-in procedure.  This is NOT an option.  We are taking accountability for providing all of you with the highest level of service and training.  What we ask in return is that you do the same.  By checking in when you arrive at the Box you are committing to work hard and make the improvements that brought you to our doorstep in the first place.  Check-in will be just a small part of a new system that will also run our billing, class calendar, class scheduling, Facebook integration, leaderboards, mobile apps, mobile notifications, nutrition journal, performance history, video library, online waivers, whiteboard and a whole lot more.


I am sure that you will be pleased with whats coming.  Check it out.

Here's Bob:

Here's Wodify:



21-15-9 reps fot time:

Deadlift (225/185)