Please join me in welcoming March's Athlete of the Month, David Ferguson.

Occupation? Software Engineer at Uber (I work on funny looking self driving Ubers you see around town).

How Long Have I been Doing Crossfit? I completed my first real WOD August 18 2014! 926 days ago!

My Favorite WOD? Open WOD 16.3. The one with the bar muscle ups. Last year in the open when this workout came around I had never done a muscle up. By the end of the workout I had done 10 snatches and made about 30 attempts at a muscle up but didn’t get a single one. But I left convinced that I could do it. Every few weeks I would take a few more passes at the bar and attempt a muscle up until eventually almost 6 months later I got my first muscle up. If it hadn’t been for 16.3 though I never would have had the motivation or focus to finally get it.

What Have I Gotten From Crossfit? Aches and pains (mostly the good kind...) Crossfit has been an amazing experience from day one. I had fenced competitively in high school, college and for a few years after. I loved (and still love) fencing however, one of my favorite aspects of it was the experience of training on a team with a group working to improve and be better everyday. We would show up to practice and coach (he is and will forever be known as coach) would run us into the ground with exercises and drills. As a group we would suffer, laugh and have fun through the challenges and celebrate each others accomplishments. At crossfit I’ve once again found that community that enjoys the challenges, works hard to be better, and celebrates each others accomplishments. After a long day at work I’m always excited to go to crossfit. My coworkers will tell you that I adamantly leave work by 6:05 so I can work out with my 6:45 class crew. I know working and training with the friends I’ve made will always turn around a rough day or make a great day better. Grace and I have a saying that “Going to the gym is always the right choice.” Thanks everyone for making that true.

A. Push Press



B. 5 rounds:

1 min Burpees

1 min Box Jumps (24/20)

1 min KBS (1.5/1)

1 min REST