Please join me in welcoming September's Athlete of the Month, Art Douglas! unnamed

Occupation: Project Manager at Uber Advanced Technologies Center...that place that makes those funny self-driving cars you see all over. How long I’ve been doing Crossfit: I am coming up on three years! My wife dragged me to an intro class at Crossfit Mt. Lebanon in September of 2013. Like most things, I was resistant. To my surprise, I liked it and from there I was hooked. I found Crossfit Pittsburgh, chipped my tooth during my on-ramp with Tara, and started completing my first WODs the first week of November 2013. The training at CFPGH has transformed me in those 3 years. I recorded many of my workouts from the beginning and the earliest recorded WOD I have is from 11/11/13 - Rankel. I did 4 rounds plus 1 rep with 155lbs deadlifts and 1 pood KBS. It is amazing what three years will do! Favorite WOD/Favorite Movement: I don't think you had to get this in writing, everyone knows I love double unders. As far as WODs go, obviously Annie (+ get your Gun) is a favorite...so is Flight Simulator. Basically anything with a TON of double unders. What You’ve Gotten From Crossfit: Besides this chiseled physique? Like most people who step in the door, I was there to get in shape. I wanted to get jacked like those dudes on TV. In some respects, that goal is still there but it has taken a back seat to more mature and fulfilling reasons. Certainly I have gotten more healthy, both physically and mentally. The physical part is easy to see and measure. Mentally I have been much more at ease because throwing heavy stuff around is my messed up form of meditation believe it or not. Crossfit gives me something to look forward to at the end of my long days. Now those are the obvious things that anyone who would look to join a big box gym could get with enough dedication. I think being physically and mentally fit are all any of us expect to get out of Crossfit when we start. What we don't expect are the laughs shared and the stories heard. We don't expect to gain mental grit or push our limits. We never expect to have others keeping us accountable for our reps and asking us where we were when we haven't come to class in a week. We don't think we will be making new friends, sharing common bonds, and partying with our gym mates and coaches. When we join a box like this one we don't think we will join a community, a family, but that is certainly what I got...and a rockin' bod. :)


Power Clean 2 RM



3 rounds for time:*

30 deadlifts (185/135)

20 front squats

10 power clean

*rest 2min between rounds