Open Gym is BACK! Here are a few options:

  1. Come in and work on a strength/technique/skill/conditioning.
  2. Make up a workout that you missed from earlier in the week.
  3. Choose the Main Site WOD.



The times will be the same as any other Thursday.





There will always be a Coach.

A WOD will be provided if you choose that option.

I think that calling this "Open Gym" may be causing some confusion. We used to do this 10 years ago because the original CrossFit template is train hard for 3 days, rest for one and repeat. So by default, Thursday became an Open day where Athletes could work on skills, lifts or anything they felt needed some extra attention. For those of you who's training cycle falls on a Thursday there will ALWAYS be a WOD for you to follow.

I caution you though, I've seen it happen where an Athlete let's his/her enthusiasm out run his/her planning skill and they end up working on shit that they're already solid on. Don't waste your time like that.


Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:

20 GHD sit-ups

10 left-arm overhead walking lunges

10 right-arm overhead walking lunges

*Use a 55# DB/1.5 Pood KB on the lunges.

Post rounds completed to comments.