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Blogcast #6 Building a Community (Part 2) Good Morning CrossFit Pittsburgh!

I’m sitting here today having my “Murdered Out” coffee by Black Rifle Coffee Company enjoying some of the best coffee I’ve ever tasted and the silence of a chilly Sunday morning but I’m feeling recharged and ready to go back to the Box for another round of build-out and I wanted to share this with you.

Last night Jenn and I along with a group of young men we met when they were members of Panther CrossFit, the Student Affiliate at the University of Pittsburgh, celebrated the Wedding of two dear friends of ours Andrew and Kat Manderino. As I watched this group of young men throughout the evening I was overcome with a sense of pride. From the time I met them at our first Box back in Verona to this very minute and every minute in between I have never seen or heard of a single instance where they didn’t conduct themselves as Gentlemen. When we received the invitation Jenn and I were both surprised and flattered to be included. As the evening progressed I can say that I was also honored, humbled and very proud of this group. Including the ladies that they have brought into their extended family.

As you know, a few weeks ago Jennifer and I decided to take on a major expense and move our Box to another level. It’s important that you understand that when I use the word “our” in this context I mean a collective OUR as in OUR community. I can’t express to you how much your enthusiasm and excitement has meant to us. More than that, your offers to help out topped only by those of you who have actually given up your time to spend a Saturday or a Sunday with us doing the dirty work. Everyone wants to some play with the new toys but not everyone wants to come in and help set them up.

For all of you who have been able to come in and spend your time with us you have our most sincere thanks. For those of you who, like many of the men from Panther CrossFit, have moved across the country or across the globe, it’s always great to see you back at our Box and we sincerely hope that you still think of it as “Ours” the way it was intended.

That’s all I have for you this week. I’m on my way back to the Box for more projects. Thank you all again!