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Please join me in welcoming May's Athlete of the Month, James Caldwell!


Occupation: I am a Systems Integration Specialist for the Allegheny County Department of Human Services. Basically, I assist with the implementation and support of county wide programs that are used to support individuals and families we work with. These would include families and individuals involved in Behavioral Health, Child Welfare, Community Services, etc…

How long have you been CrossFitting: I started CrossFit in April/May 2014. I’ve been a member at Crossfit Pittsburgh the entire time. Before that, I was into general weight lifting, short distance running and was in a few flag football leagues.

Favorite WOD/movement: Muscle Ups! This was a major weakness of mine and I remember when I first saw this movement, I was thinking “there is no way I will ever be able to do this!” One of the greatest benefits that I’ve experienced with Crossfit is that we are all encouraged to attack our weaknesses. So, through practice, persistence and the help of our coaches and other members (shout out to 5:30am!!!) I was able to accomplish the feat of a Muscle Up. This is a movement that I still have struggles with as well, especially during a workout or when I’m trying to string them together. With that being said, this is a movement that I hope to get better at moving forward.

What you’ve gotten from CrossFit: Where do I start!? 1. The support and comradery that is felt with people who are struggling with you to accomplish the same goal on a daily basis. Even though we are all are trying to improve individually, it’s awesome to hear someone cheering you on during the WOD until you finish (even though this usually means they finished before you lol!). 2. I firmly believe I am in the best physical shape of my life, and I still feel that I have a long way to go. 3. I also feel like I’ve improved from a mental standpoint as well in terms of finding ways to keep pushing myself during some pretty darn intense workouts! 4. Learning new movements that I’ve never tried in my life, but have definitely improved my strength and mobility. 5. Programming that continues to challenge my abilities and reach new peaks. There’s always at least one day every week where I think to myself “Damn, I can’t believe I got through that,” or more accurately, “what the hell was I thinking” lol!!