Closed for the Festivus Games. Come in and cheer on the competitors!

Here are some frequently asked questions:


Q: What time should I show up?

A: Check-in is at 0800.


Q: What if I need to stay the night?

A: Springhill Suites in Bakery Square is 1/2 mile away.


Q: How long will the Competition last?

A: We expect it to last from 0900 to approximately 1530 or so.


Q: Are kids welcomed?

A: Yes, but I recommend a baby sitter.  There is no day care.


Note: You may be nervous and ready to WOD so please ensure you pay close attention to Signs and Judges...we are all here to help.


Note: Relax and HAVE FUN!  If you're not doing that you don't get it.