As we are about to launch the CrossFit Games Open 2017 Season I wanted to cover our expectations before we begin 17.1. Here are the Rules of Engagement, our expectations of our Athletes and visiting competitors.

1. If you are NOT a member of CrossFit Pittsburgh I expect that you will contact us via email well in advance to be sure that we have enough judges and time to score your WOD.

DO NOT COME IN UNANNOUNCED and expect us to be able to make time for you. Our Athletes come first.

We WILL NOT take a Coach from a regularly scheduled WOD so that they can score for you.

Prior arrangements are required. Via email.

2. You will listen to the Coach when they cover the movement standards and make sure that you are crystal clear before the WOD begins.

Make sure that any and all questions are asked before the WOD begins.

3. The Judges decisions are FINAL. You WILL NOT argue with a Judge. If you show any inappropriate behavior towards a Judge, spectator or fellow competitor you will be bounced from the Box with no hesitation.

That is all.


Partner WOD

50 over partner Burpees*

100 Med Ball Sit-ups

150 Partner Wallballs

*partner in an plank