Teams of 3 500m Row Each


150 Thrusters (95/65)

100 Pull-ups

50 Box Jump Overs (24/20)


500m Row Each

*During Thrusters/Pull-ups/Box Jump Overs partners must keep 45/25lb plate off the ground.

**10 Burpee penalty for each Team member if it touches the ground.


Please join me in welcoming October's Athlete of the Month, Andy Verrengia.


Occupation: I am a Senior Project Engineer at Atlantic Engineering Services which is a structural engineering consultant firm specializing in buildings. We are the gals/guys who make sure the floors of a building remain horizontal when the wind blows really hard or the earth shakes.

How long I’ve been doing CrossFit: 3 years, 10 months….not that I’m counting.

Favorite WOD/Favorite Movement: If I had to pick one WOD above the rest, I would say Grace because my favorite movement is the Clean and Jerk. This maybe a surprise to the 5:30 a.m. folks, but my least favorite movement is a tossup between Pistols or Burpees.

What You’ve Gotten From CrossFit: The simple response here would be a gain in physical strength and mental toughness, which I do believe that is true. However, I personally believe what separates my experience at CrossFit from the other gyms I frequented is motivation. Four years ago, I found myself getting bored with the typical gym routine and needed a change. I would walk around the gym with my headphones on, decide what exercises I would do that day based upon the availability of the equipment, run a mile on the treadmill, shower and then head off to work. Day after day, year after year. Since I made the switch, I find myself being motivated to exceed my previous personal best by 10 pounds or being one of the top 3 finishers each day. I am motivated by the encouragement, or better yet the friendly ribbing by my fellow 5:30 classmates. To be honest there is one additional reason I joined CrossFit and it provides me with a great deal of motivation. I have always wanted to be to Ivan Drago for Halloween……the Ivan Drago wearing the USSR branded white singlet during the training montage. 10 more pounds to lose, a trip to the barber and my dreams will come true.