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We are very proud to announce our Athlete of the Month for November;

Rachelle Rectenwald



Secondary Department Director at the Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children

How long have you been a CrossFitter:

"I have been at CFP for about 8 years—honestly, I can’t remember—guess that happens as you age right?! But I have followed you from Verona (both locations), to Washington Blvd. and now Hamilton. Are you trying to lose me?"

Favorite WOD:

"I adore kettle bell swings and dead lifts. My favorites WODS are the Hero WODS, especially Murph and Michael (which is ironic because I don’t like to run, but I love challenging myself). I am grateful to be able to give a little for those that gave all. I love doing 300 with a partner and punishing myself with my annual 'Burpee penance' during Lent."

What I've gotten from CrossFit:

"What do I get from CrossFit? CrossFit makes me feel empowered and confident; and training allows me to be a better wife, mother, and co-worker. I can leave my worries at the door (but not my husbandJ) and have fun! Basically, CrossFit makes me feel worthy---worthy of my family and friends, worthy of the love I receive (and give), worthy of the life that I have been blessed with and I know I’ll be doing CF for many more years!"