Blogcast #2

So What’s Your Excuse?

After 10 years as an Affiliate it’s safe to say that I’ve heard a lot of excuses.  It’s also safe to say that in spite of desperate pleas from my beautiful wife and many a great Coach here at CrossFit Pittsburgh I have always turned a deaf ear toward them.
My philosophy has been very simple; I’ll do whatever I can to help you achieve your goal but I can’t make you want to do it.  I’ll provide the facility, the equipment, the motivation, the best Coaches.  I’ll amuse you with countless anecdotes of WODs gone by.  I’ll train with you and share my victories and my defeats.  I’ll do all that but I still haven’t figured out how to make you want to be a better version of you.
Here is some of the Bull Snarkey I’ve heard over the last decade:
    1    “This was great, CrossFit is great, you guys are great but I want to get strong.”  Translation; MetCon is too hard and when I’m only lifting I can move nice and slow and I don’t have to break a sweat.  Several years ago there was a young man who trained with us.  Nice guy but dumb as a stump.  Coincidentally he was in the process of applying for the United States Marine Corps Officer Candidate School.  This guy actually said to me one day, “Yeah, I come here to get fit but I go to my other gym to get strong.”  He not only failed himself on the road to fitness but never made it into the USMC either.  Conversely, our Bro and former CFPgh Coach Andrew was a Firebreather AND did become a United States Marine.
    2    “I just don’t have time.”  Oh I see, you’re that girl or guy.  The one who’s so much more important than everyone else, who’s just so much more in demand that they can’t make it work.  Bullshit.  The Lord has Blessed all of us with the same 24 hours in a day.  I’m an old man compared to most of you and I’ve been up at 0445 training my first WOD at 0500 so I can help get my kids to school, go to work then hit my second WOD at lunch time or after my day is done, whatever time that may be.  If I can do it you can too.  I recently had an individual write me to cancel her membership with this excuse.  “I can’t make it to the afternoon classes anymore I need to find a gym with a 6:00 or 6:30am workout.”  After I canceled  her membership my reply was simple, “The 5:30am doesn’t work for you?”  I’m hard pressed to believe that a 30 minute block at that time of the day made a difference.  Reluctance to say “this is too hard” is what makes the difference.
    3    “I’m not ready for CrossFit.  I have to get in shape first.”  If you think like that you’ll never be ready.  Play it out.  I’m going to join a gym, hire a Personal Trainer and work for six weeks to get ready for CrossFit.  I will guarantee you’ll attend your first WOD, get smoked and be totally bummed out that you’re STILL “not in shape” for CrossFit.  You know how to get in shape for CrossFit?  DO CrossFit.
    4    “My Doctor told me I have to stop CrossFit.”  Get a new Doctor.
    5    “CrossFit is too intense.” -OR- “You could get hurt if you do those movements wrong.”  If you have a Coach with proper training and experience they will scale every movement for you’re fitness and experience level.  If you have a Coach with proper training and experience they will teach you every movement properly, monitor your training closely and correct you so that you avoid injury.  If your’e not experiencing this you’ve fallen in with a Moron and you need to leave and go elsewhere.  Over the years I’ve seen some truly great Coaching.  I’ve also see Ass Bags with their head down in their iPad working on their Fantasy Football picks while the Class trains around them.  True story but that dick is contaminating someone else’s space now.  Not ours.
Excuses.  Everyone’s got them.
What’s yours?


Mike Pietragallo